But we don't want to call it that. CLICHé. Overdone. 

So instead we are going to crack into stories, and look for that gooey inside part that makes them interesting.

The stories will always have a thread of innovation, but these aren't tech reviews or fodder for startup fever. These stories will take us from one end of the world to the next, and our stories and guests will be the ones to take us there. Science, art, humanitarianism, luddites, backyard farmers, psychiatrists, soldiers. 

Host / Producer / Founder:

Samantha Hodder. Her first job was at This Magazine, back in the 90s. This prepared her for a life of asking questions. And listening. From there she worked as a freelance writer, editor, radio producer, copy-edited, etc. Then in 2000, after finishing the New Media Design Program at the CFC, she founded her first company, Tightrope Entertainment. From there she ran the Documentary Organization of Canada for a few years. And now she makes things and gets things going in numerous ways.

First co-host :

Nina Woods.  She found herself here in Toronto by way of London, UK. She spent a good chunk of her profession life as a policy wonk in the British civil service focused on competition and consumer protection policy, and then in Canada, has a stint in the private sector developing programs that support diversity and inclusion. Looking for a completely new direction she is now training to be a psychotherapist. And in 2016, she moved back to the UK.

 The music that opens The Egg Carton is produced by Ken, and you can find his work at NitroChrome Records.